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15 August 2021

We would to take this opportunity and thank God. He brought us together, and I believe this was his perfect plan for our love story. We would like take this opportunity and thank this site. I got my perfect match from this site last year 2020. On 31 August we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary. He has also proposed to me. We will be getting married soon. He is my perfect match it's almost a year now. We are so in love as if we met yesterday. My birthday is on 15 August and his is on the 16th August. We are both grateful and appreciate the help from this site. To those who are still searching for love and believe in love, never give up there are people out there who really have true love and are still looking for love. Have Faith, Hope and you will find Love.


28 July 2021

Wonderful site, I found my match thank you.


27 July 2021

I thank you! I have met the most wonderful guy. If my friend hadn't joined me up to your site in November 2020 I would never met this lovely wonderful guy. Thank you, my life has been changed. I'm sooo excited!!


28 June 2021

Thank you! I found the most amazing man on your site!


18 May 2021

So, I used your site 16 years ago - I loved meeting people as I was going through a lonely phase at 24 - most of my friends were hitched (or in the process of getting hitched) and I was excluded from a couples' dinner event which broke my heart and I decided to find new single friends on your site. ** Side note: I was incredibly eccentric for the time period and I struggled to meet people because of it. I still am eccentric but I fit in easily now with the new world we live in. Needless to say I was contacted by many men (and some open-minded couples because apparently my eccentricity led to that conclusion) but your site gave me the perfect opportunity to screen some interesting characters - I am still friends with some people I met all those years ago which has been really awesome to know that this offered some really positive experiences for the long run. However, I think the most incredible thing is that I met my partner ... we met as friends, had many similarities and differences and within a year started dating and it's been 16 years that we have been together. Yeah, there have been ups and downs but man alive, it's great that we had an opportunity to meet on this platform because we may never have met otherwise. We met because we had both been to a concert and were basically sitting within feet of each other so we started speaking about the irony of that ... and when we started speaking more it turned out that we were working in the same road as each other and going to the same places to eat lunch and yet we never actually MET ... we both went to gigs - he is a drummer, and I am a music nut, and still, we never really locked eyes. So yeah ... it's pretty cool when you break it down, and just wanted to thank you for the platform that helped me find him :)


8 May 2021

I found my match on this site.


5 May 2021

I am so happy! I found my match on this site! Thank you for help!


20 April 2021

I got a perfect match and I happy with him.


8 April 2021

Thank you for the opportunity you presented me with. I think the person I met will prove to be that particular individual that i have been missing in my life.. Thank you once again. I am taken now.


6 April 2021

I found my wife on this site.


6 April 2021

I am really really grateful for this site I have found the love of my life.


26 March 2021

Excellent platform for not only finding a soulmate - you can find friends here too.


16 March 2021

Thanks to the site I've finally found some great, I'm willing to give our relationship chance, after I was struggling for so long.


6 March 2021

Thank you so much 💓 you help me a lot, I've found someone here. Thanks again.


2 March 2021

Thank you!!! He is going to be the love of my life!

Mbongeni Brian

1 March 2021

This site brought me woman of my life, thanks very much.


25 February 2021

Thank you so much l found my match in the second week after joining your site. We are both happy with each other and seem to be doing well beyond wat we ourselves expected.You have given me life again... wooow am unbelievably happy. I feel wonderfully blessed to have this wonderful soul in my life. No turning back. It was a pleasure being here. Whole heartedly. Thank you.


30 January 2021

Thank you, I am happy with the service this site has given me and I have found my soulmate!